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Checkers Burgers Menu with Prices (2024)

Feel like having a tasty, cheap burger cooked over a flame? Checkers is the only game you need! Checkers, sometimes called Rally’s, have many delicious burgers that please any burger lover.

Checkers was started with the idea that tasty food shouldn’t be dull. Burgers, fries, and milkshakes have been served there since 1982, and they are always delicious and cheap. Their menu suits many tastes, from people who want a plain hamburger to something spicy.

We will teach you everything you need to know to use the Checkers burgers menu. We’ll go through their menu by area, point out the must-try items, and answer any questions you may have. So, get ready to dive into the world of Checkers burgers after you’ve eaten.

Checkers Burgers Menu

Checkers burgers menu displays their dedication to both quality and cost. For burger lovers, these tried-and-true favorites are great. Here are some of their burger options:

Checkers Burgers

Big Buford

(660 Cal / US$7.49)

Checkers Burgers

Triple Big Buford

(1250-1500 Cal / +US$8.49)

Checkers Burgers

Smoky BBQ Bacon Buford

(900-1340 Cal / +US$8.49)

Checkers Burgers

Triple Smoky BBQ Bacon Buford

(1250-1500 Cal / +US$9.49)

Checkers Burgers


(810 Cal / US$7.99)

Checkers Burgers

Triple Baconzilla

(810 Cal / US$8.99)

Checkers Burgers

Cheese Champ

(430 Cal/ US$6.49)

Checkers Burgers

All American Cheeseburger

(360 Cal / US$1.99)

Checkers Burgers

Double Fry Lovers Burger

(670 Cal / +US$5.69)

Checkers always have some fantastic deals only available briefly (LTOs). These limited-time or sale burgers give you a chance to try something new. To keep up with Checkers’ LTOs, do the following:

  • Checkers Website & App: The best places to learn about their newest LTOs are on their website and app. They usually have pictures and captions that make your mouth water to get you to buy them.
  • Social Media: Checkers post news about their newest LTOs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so follow them there. A lot of the time, they use social media to get people excited about new food items.

Don’t miss out! Limited-time offerings can be real game changers, so check in with Checkers to see what delicious creations they’re offering now.

There are many options on the Checkers menu, but the secret menu is a whole other world, ready to be discovered. There are no ads for these private additions, but if you know about them, you can enjoy Checkers in a new way. If you want to try these popular, secret menu items, remember to ask nicely because they may not be available everywhere:

  • Baconzilla Melt: This monster mix takes the best parts of both and makes the famous Triple Baconzilla! Burger with cheese that has melted on a toasted bun. Pure bacon bliss!
  • Monty Cristo: Need to try something new? This food off the menu is based on a traditional French dish. The chicken breast is dipped in batter, fried until brown, and then dusted with powdered sugar. It’s a sweet and spicy treat with maple syrup to dip.
  • The Patty Melt: Need to go to a classic dinner? Request the burger melt. A juicy beef burger is squished between two pieces of grilled rye bread, buttered, and topped with grilled onions and melted cheese.

Remember: Because secret menu items aren’t on the regular menu, their availability may change from place to place. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to your local Checkers and see if they have these things.

What is the difference between Checkers and Rally’s?

Checkers and Rallys are the same restaurant! The name varies depending on location.

What is Buford Sauce?

Checkers is known for its Buford Sauce. They use a sour and slightly sweet mixture that uniquely tastes their burgers. The exact recipe is a secret, but you have to try it!

Does Checkers have a vegetarian option?

Checkers doesn’t have a unique veggie burger. You can make any burger your own by leaving out the meat patty.

Can I customize my burger at Checkers?

Of course! Checkers has a lot of different options that you can use to make your burger exactly how you like it.

Does Checkers have a loyalty program?

Checkers doesn’t have an official loyalty program right now. On the other hand, they often have sales and deals on their website and app.

How can I find the checkers nearest me?

Use the shop locator on their website or app to find the Checkers that are closest to you.

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