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Zaxbys Allergen Menu

Zaxbys Allergen Menu

At Zaxbys Allergen Menu, we understand that dietary limitations and food allergies are significant considerations for many guests. That’s why we strive to deliver precise and accurate knowledge about the allergens in our menu items. We like to ensure everyone can enjoy a tasty meal at Zaxbys Allergen menu, regardless of their specific dietary needs.

Our Zaxby Allergen Menu is created to help you make informed selections when selecting the proper meal. We have identified the major food allergens identified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have taken steps to underestimate cross-contamination risks.

The following allergens are included:

Zaxbys Allergen Menu
#Zaxbys Allergen Menu
  • Milk and Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Wheat and Gluten
  • Soy
  • Peanuts
  • Tree Nuts
  • Fish
  • Shellfish


Chicken Wings5 Pc.$4.49
Chicken Wings10 Pc.$7.99
Chicken Wings20 Pc.$14.99


The Ranchero Salad$8.99
The Caesar Zalad (No Chicken or Grilled Chicken, No Croutons)$5.99
Side Salad$2.49


Cole SlawCup$2.79
Cole SlawRegular$4.49
Cole SlawLarge$8.99
Crinkle FriesRegular$1.49
Crinkle FriesLarge$1.99
Potato Salad$2.49

Dressings and Sauces

Thousand Island Dressing$0.25
Spicy Honey BBQ Sauce$0.25
Ranch Sauce$0.25
Honey Mustard Sauce$0.25
Zax Sauce$0.25
Lite Ranch Dressing$0.25
Mediterranean Dressing$0.25
Original Wing Sauce$0.25
Ranch Dressing$0.25
Wimpy Sauce$0.25
Zestable Sauce$0.25
Honey Mustard Dressing$0.25
Tongue Torch Sauce$0.25
Insane Sauce$0.25
Nuclear Sauce$0.25


Birthday Cake Milkshake$3.29


Diet Coke$1.89
Hi-C Fruit Punch$1.89
Minute Maid Lite Lemonade$1.49
Chocolate Milk$1.09
Pibb Xtra$1.89
Sweet Tea1 Gallon$4.99
Unsweet Tea1 Gallon$4.99

FAQs About Zaxbys

Is Zaxby’s safe for peanut allergies?

Zaxbys Allergen Menu
#Is Zaxby’s safe for peanut allergies?

Zaxbys Menu Allergen takes the safety of its guests with food allergies, including peanut allergies, seriously. However, it’s important to note that while Zaxby’s attempts to minimize the risk of cross-contact, their kitchens are not allergen-free backgrounds, and there is a chance of cross-contact with allergens, including peanuts.

Is Zaxby’s cooked in peanut oil?

No, Zaxby’s does not use peanut oil for cooking, and the primary cooking oil used at Zaxby’s is a blend of soybean and canola oil. This information is based on the available knowledge until my last update in September 2021.

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