Cracker Barrel Seafood Menu

Cracker Barrel Seafood Menu with Prices (2024)

Cracker Barrel is a popular restaurant chain known for its cozy setting and homey food. They are the best for comfort food, like fried chicken and mac and cheese. But you might be shocked to learn that they also have a great selection of seafood dishes. If you want fresh tastes and classic Southern charm, the Cracker Barrel seafood menu has everything you need.

We’ll talk about everything you need to know about the Cracker Barrel seafood menu, from their most popular meals to the best sides to go with them. There’s sure to be something that will please your taste buds, whether you’re a fish expert or want something lighter.

Cracker Barrel Seafood Menu

Cracker Barrel has a lot of different seafood meals, so everyone can find something they like. These are some of the most ordered items on their fish menu.

Cracker Barrel Seafood Menu

New York Strip Steak n’ Shrimp Combo

(870 cal / $24.99)

A 10 oz. New York strip steak with garlic butter sauce and Country Fried Shrimp is sent to the table. It comes with your pick of bread and two countryside.

Cracker Barrel Seafood Menu

Tips, Tenders n’ Shrimp Platter

(810-970 cal / $19.79)

You can choose between fried or grilled chicken pieces, country-fried shrimp, and two country sides. With Corn Muffins or Buttermilk Biscuits.

Cracker Barrel Seafood Menu

Friday Country Coastal Sampler

(800 cal / $16.29)

Two cod fillets are dipped by hand in their special batter and then fried. Comes with two Country Sides and crispy Country Fried Shrimp. With Corn Muffins or Buttermilk Biscuits. Friday is a good day.

Cracker Barrel Seafood Menu

Country Fried Shrimp

(900 cal / $16.49)

You can choose two Country Sides to go with their buttermilk-breaded fried shrimp. It comes with Corn Muffins or Buttermilk Biscuits that are rolled by hand.

Cracker Barrel Seafood Menu

Friday Fish Fry

(730 cal / $17.69)

Starting at 11 AM, we serve four Cod Fillets hand-dipped in our own special batter and fried plus choice of two Country Sides. Served with hand-rolled Buttermilk Biscuits or Corn Muffins.

Cracker Barrel Sides (CHOOSE)

Loaded Mashed Potatoes320$2.19
Loaded Baked Potato470$2.29
Loaded Baked Sweet Potato350$2.29
Hashbrown Casserole Tots270$1.99
Bacon Macaroni N’ Cheese380$2.19
Loaded Hashbrown Casserole350$2.19
Fresh Fruit70$2.49
Vegetable Soup80$2.59
House Salad260$3.19
Two Buttermilk Pancakes530$2.79

Add a Cracker Barrel Drinks


Watermelon Lemonade270$3.99
Freshly Brewed Sweet Iced Tea130$3.79
Freshly Brewed Unsweetened Iced Tea$3.79
Peach Tea240$3.99
Southern Half N’ Half200$3.99

Cracker Barrel Seafood Menu: FAQs

Does Cracker Barrel offer fried seafood options?

No, Cracker Barrel seafood offering only has grilled catfish and trout.

What are the portion sizes for the seafood dishes?

Cracker Barrel’s seafood dishes are known for having significant amounts. One serving is usually enough to fill most hunger.

Can I customize my seafood dish?

Cracker Barrel does let you change some things about their sides. Several choices are available to go with your chosen fish dish.

Does Cracker Barrel offer any seafood appetizers?

Cracker Barrel has yet to have any seafood-specific starters on its menu.

Are there vegetarian options available alongside the seafood dishes?

Vegetarian choices at Cracker Barrel include salads, veggie plates, and side dishes.

Does Cracker Barrel offer gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions?

While Cracker Barrel has some gluten-free choices, it’s essential to talk to your server about any changes needed for your diet.

Is the catfish farm-raised?

Cracker Barrel’s staple dish does use farm-raised catfish.

What kind of dipping sauces are available for the seafood dishes?

Cracker Barrel mainly serves catfish with tartar sauce and trout with lemon pieces.

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