Cracker Barrel Dessert Menu

Cracker Barrel Dessert Menu with Prices (2024)

A famous restaurant company called Cracker Barrel is known for its homemade Southern food and friendly service. However, we sometimes only save room for cake, which is the show’s real star! TheCracker Barrel dessert menu is a fun trip through classic American comfort food, focusing on significant amounts and rich flavours.

Our tour of the Cracker Barrel dessert menu will include signature items, seasonal treats, and lighter choices.

Cracker Barrel Dessert Menu

Famous pies, cobblers, cakes, and even playful takes on classic favourites are all part of the Cracker Barrel dessert menu, a celebration of Americana. The main areas you’ll discover are broken down as follows:

Cracker Barrel Dessert Menu

Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake

Rich, warm double chocolate fudge cake made with real Coca-Cola®.

Cracker Barrel Dessert Menu

Peach Cobbler

Sweet southern peach cobbler, as you remember.

Cracker Barrel is more than just tasty home-cooked food. They have a lot of great things in their Old Country Store, like candy that will make you feel like a kid again. Here are some examples of the sweet treats you can expect to find:

Cracker Barrel Dessert Menu

Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar

This delicious Hershey’s Chocolate Bar is made with farm-fresh milk. Break off a piece, unwrap a bar, enjoy, and repeat.

Cracker Barrel Dessert Menu

Pecan Log – 3oz.

The Cracker Barrel Pecan Logs are handmade with rich nougat dipped in smooth caramel and then rolled in finely chopped pecans. 3 oz. Quantity.

Cracker Barrel Dessert Menu

Pecan Log – 7oz.

A custom from the past. A treat made by hand with rich nougat, creamy caramel, and freshly chopped nuts. 7-ounce size.

Cracker Barrel Dessert Menu

MoonPie, Chocolate, 2.75 oz, 12 Count Pack

Both kids and adults will love the Original Chocolate MoonPie. Comes with 12 separately wrapped MoonPies.

Seasonal Specialties to Look Out For

Every season, Cracker Barrel has unique desserts that keep things interesting. If you go there at certain times of the year, you might find the following:

  • Fall: In the fall, you should look for apple crisp, pumpkin spice cake, and pecan pie.
  • Winter: You might find peppermint bark or gingerbread cake ice cream in the winter.
  • Spring: You might find a fresh fruit pie or a lemon cake in the spring.
  • Summer: During the summer, cool treats like peach or fruit cobbler are available daily.

Must-Try Classics on the Cracker Barrel Dessert Menu

There are a few classics that you can’t miss at Cracker Barrel if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth:

  • Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake: Many people love this rich and dense cake. A moist chocolate cake flavoured with Coca-Cola and topped with a rich chocolate fudge frosting makes this cake a real treat for chocolate fans.
  • Buttermilk Pie: The custard filling in this pie is smooth and creamy, and the base is flaky. This treat has been around for a long time and always looks beautiful.
  • Seasonal Cobblers: Depending on the time of year, you can find tasty treats like strawberry, peach, or mixed berry cobbler. Warm fruit desserts like these are a great way to enjoy the taste of fall.
  • Mac & Cheese with Apples: Although it sounds strange, this is surprisingly tasty. On top of the creamy mac and cheese are warm apples warmed with cinnamon.

Does Cracker Barrel offer any desserts for people with dietary restrictions?

Cracker Barrel has few choices for people who can’t eat certain foods, but it’s a small list. They make a sugar-free apple crisp and can sometimes make gluten-free treats if you ask. It’s always best to talk to your server about what you need.

What is the best-selling dessert on the Cracker Barrel menu?

The double chocolate fudge Coca-Cola cake is arguably Cracker Barrel’s most popular dessert.

Are Cracker Barrel pies good?

People love Cracker Barrel pies because they taste like they were made at home. Many people like them for dessert because they have flaky crusts and lots of stuffing.

What pies does Cracker Barrel have for Christmas?

Cracker Barrel has deals on pies at different times of the year, and Christmas is no different. You might discover holiday-themed choices like pecan pie, pumpkin pie, or even a unique Christmas pie with its tastes.

Does Cracker Barrel have banana pudding?

The Cracker Barrel dessert menu is mainly made up of classic American comfort food, and banana pudding is missing from the list of regular menu items. But their menu can change depending on where you are, so ask your server what’s on it.

Does Cracker Barrel pecan pie need to be refrigerated?

A Cracker Barrel pecan pie must be kept in the fridge after opening it. Because pecan pie has eggs and cheese, it must be kept in a cold place so it doesn’t go rancid.

Does Cracker Barrel sell pumpkin pies?

Yes, Cracker Barrel does serve pumpkin pie all year long. It’s likely to be on the table in the fall and winter.

What is cinnamon roll pie at Cracker Barrel?

They now have a new and exciting dessert called cinnamon roll pie at Cracker Barrel. It has a flaky pie shell with a tasty cinnamon swirl inside, like the inside of a regular cinnamon roll. This is a decadent and unique treat for people who love cinnamon tastes.

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