Applebee's Gluten-Free Menu

Delicious Applebee’s Gluten-Free Menu (2024)

Applebee’s Gluten-Free Menu: A Delicious and Safe Dining Option

⇒ Applebee’s is a popular restaurant chain that offers a dedicated gluten-free menu.

⇒ In this article, we will explore Applebee’s gluten-free menu options, ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

⇒ Whether you’re gluten intolerant, have celiac disease, or prefer a gluten-free diet, Applebee’s has you covered!

Why Choose Applebee’s for Gluten-Free Dining?

Applebee's Gluten-Free Menu
#Why Choose Applebee’s for Gluten-Free Dining?

Applebee’s is a renowned restaurant chain that prides itself on providing a diverse menu to cater to various dietary needs and preferences. Their commitment to customer satisfaction extends to those who require gluten-free options. Applebee’s gluten-free menu ensures that individuals with gluten sensitivities can still enjoy their flavorful dishes without compromising taste or quality.

Exploring Applebee’s Gluten-Free Menu

Applebee's Gluten-Free Menu
#Exploring Applebee’s Gluten-Free Menu

Applebee’s gluten-free menu offers many options to satisfy your cravings. From appetizers to notable routes and invariant desserts, you’ll find a variety of delicious gluten-free choices to indulge in. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights:


Applebee's Gluten-Free Menu
  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip: Creamy and flavorful, this gluten-free dip is served with crisp tortilla chips.
  • Grilled Chicken Wonton Tacos: Enjoy the combination of tender grilled chicken, slaw, and tangy Asian sauce wrapped in lettuce cups.
  • Green Goddess Wedge Salad: This refreshing salad features iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and bacon, drizzled with gluten-free green goddess dressing.

Main Courses

Applebee's Gluten-Free Menu
#Main Courses
  • Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp: Savor the Cajun-inspired flavors of juicy chicken and succulent shrimp, served with seasonal vegetables.
  • Hand-Breaded Shrimp: Crispy gluten-free shrimp accompanied by fries, coleslaw, and cocktail sauce.
  • Steak and Grilled Shrimp Combo: A mouthwatering combination of steak and shrimp, served with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.


Applebee's Gluten-Free Menu
  • Chocolate Mousse Shooter: Indulge in a rich and velvety chocolate mousse, topped with whipped cream and served in a shot glass.
  • Sizzling Apple Pie: Delight in a warm apple pie filled with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

Enjoying a Safe and Gluten-Free Dining Experience

When dining at Applebee’s, it’s essential to inform your server about your gluten intolerance or dietary preferences. They will take the necessary precautions to ensure your meal is prepared separately and free from gluten contamination. Applebee is dedicated to providing guests with a safe and enjoyable dining experience. You need to know about the Allergen menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Applebee’s locations offering a gluten-free menu?

⇒ Applebee’s has implemented a gluten-free menu in all locations to cater to individuals with gluten sensitivities.

Can I trust Applebee’s to prepare my gluten-free meal safely?

Absolutely! Applebee takes gluten-free dining seriously and follows strict protocols to minimize cross-contamination risks.

⇒ However, informing your server about your dietary needs is always recommended to ensure a safe dining experience. You need to know about the Allergens.

Can I customize dishes on the gluten-free menu?

⇒ While Applebee strives to accommodate various dietary preferences, it’s important to note that gluten-free meal customization options may be limited.

Are there gluten-free options for children at Applebee’s?

⇒ Applebee provides gluten-free options for children, ensuring that even the little ones can enjoy a safe and tasty meal.

How often does Applebee update its Gluten-Free menu?

⇒ Applebee regularly reviews and updates its gluten-free menu to provide the best dining experience to its customers.

⇒ It’s always a good idea to check the most recent menu offerings online or inquire with the restaurant directly.


⇒ Applebee’s gluten-free menu offers a fantastic dining choice for people who track a gluten-free diet or have gluten keenness. With their commitment to safety and an array of flavorful dishes,

⇒ Applebee ensures you can enjoy a satisfying meal without worrying about gluten. So, the next time you crave a delicious and safe dining experience, go to Applebee’s and explore their gluten-free menu.

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